Chimerical Doings

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It is a long and convoluted story, but it seems that the Nez Perce County prosecutor was asked to look into whether or not there was any nefarious funny business on Paul Kimmel’s part with regard to his role in Christ Church’s and New St. Andrews’ original tax-exempt status. This request was made of Nez Perce because of a complaint filed in Latah Country by one of Moscow’s very own gremlin-hunters, and the powers that be wanted to make sure that there was not even a hint of a conflict of interest in an investigation of alleged conflict of interest. So Nez Perce it was.

That report is now out. And son of a gun, beneath those surface appearances of total innocence were hidden depths of total innocence. The gremlin-hunters will have to move on to other imaginative worlds, as I am sure they will.

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