Bush as False Teacher

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After my post yesterday on the Bush/Kerry thing, here are just a couple of follow-up comments. The first is to note Bush’s qualified support for same-sex civil unions. He now says that such a decision should be up to the states. But anyone who does not see this as a wedge issue is just kidding himself — or us. Again, ask the question: could Bill Clinton have gotten Jerry Falwell to go along with this? Not a chance. Can Bush? Just watch.

The other point was Bush’s avowed religious syncretism that came out in an interview with Charlie Gibson. He said there that Muslims and Christians worship the same god, and that they go to heaven by differing routes. Bin Laden, as it turns out, does not worship the same god, which is some small relief I guess.

The concern here is that Christians have been so outmaneuvered in the culture wars that the vast majority support this kind of thing, instead of challenging it. Moreover, they are so compromised that they will think Christians who refuse to go along are somehow themselves compromised.

As we look at the Old Testament, we can see that the prophet Nathan belonged to “David’s political party,” if we may speak this way. But this did not prevent him from rebuking the king in the name of the Lord when he sinned grievously. I am looking for a high profile Christian supporter of the president to rebuke him for this. But while I am looking, I am not holding my breath.


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