Book of the Month: September 2018

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Knowing Christ by Mark Jones is a worthy companion volume to J.I. Packer’s classic Knowing God. It is a work of devotional theology or, if you prefer, theological devotion.

Nancy and I read this one together aloud, bit by bit, and that was a good way to work through something as dense and as hand-packed as this book was. There is a lot of truth per square inch all the way through, and so don’t expect to plow through it in a couple of sittings. Jones is widely read in the Puritans, particularly in John Owen, and as various topics are addressed, he cites them with regularity. And that is refreshing as well—to be frequently reminded of an era when theology was scholarship on fire, and not scholarship in dusty cardboard boxes somebody found in the attic. The fact that it is dense means that it is rich, like cheesecake, not that indigestible, like a brick.

Chapters address things like Christ’s dignity, humiliation, prayers, emotions, sinlessness, transfiguration, face, resurrection and about twenty others. I was particularly blessed by the observation that the three offices that Christ holds—prophet, priest, and king—were used against Him in the taunts of His enemies while in the course of His passion. All His offices were blasphemed (pp. 228-229). Prophesy . . . who struck you (Matt. 26:67-68). He saved others, he cannot save himself (Matt. 27:42). He is the King of Israel, let him come down from the cross (Matt. 27:42).

This is a book that is really worth your while.