Book of the Month/October 2021

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The first thing to note is that this is an abridged version—gleanings from William Gurnall’s massive work of the same name.

This small version, published and sold by Community Christian Ministries, is an outstanding collection of some of Gurnall’s best passages.

Gurnall was a Puritan, through and through. “Can Christ be in thou heart and thou not know it? Can one king be dethroned and another crowned in thy soul and thou hear no scuffle?”

I have gone through this small book a few times, and just finished it again the other day. Gurnall was lively, pithy, memorable, and pointed. This really is a good introduction to the Puritan mind, whether you are more interested in the doctrinal or devotional side.

One quick caveat though. Some were quite critical of Gurnall, especially back in the day, because he retained his living in the Church of England by subscribing to the Act of Uniformity, when over 2,000 of his fellow Puritan ministers were ejected because of their refusal to do so. But given Gurnall’s ecumenical love of peace, and his solid commitment to the truth, it is not hard for me to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one—even while admiring those other Puritans whose consciences informed them differently.

Regardless, this is a good book, and it belongs in your library.