Book of the Month/November 2023

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One of the things I would recommend you do with your family is to find a really good book of Advent readings. And on the assumption that you have worn this one out, and are looking for an understandable change of pace, I heartily recommend Winter Fire.

This book is a collection of trenchant observations about Christmas gathered from the works of Chesterton. They were assembled by Ryan Smith, with Smith adding his own very capable commentary on the various themes as Chesterton serves them up.

I am hesitant to say that certain subjects bring out the best in Chesterton, and this is because subjects like chalk or cheese can also bring out the best in Chesterton. If you jostle Chesterton unexpectedly, it brings out the best in him. But if you were to think that a subject like Christmas might really get him going, I think that you would have a point.

You have time to order this book and to have it sitting safely on your shelf before Advent begins. So why this laggardly and inexcusable sloth?