Book of the Month/November 2021

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So I am going to do something a little bit different this time around, and recommend as a book of the month a book I have not yet read. I just got it last week, and it is called Intro to Joy. It was written by my sister, Heather Torosyan, who went to be with the Lord unexpectedly last year.

Although I have not yet read the book, I can say two things about it. The first is that Heather was one of the most consistently joyful individuals I have ever known. She knew what she was writing about. The topic suited her, and now that she has entered into joy, it suits her even more.

The second thing is that I have looked the book over, and it is a comprehensive collection of numerous passages that address the topic of gladness and joy, under various circumstances. What does the Bible says about contagious rejoicing, about joy in salvation, about joy in restoration, about joy in answered prayer, and so on? The chapters are short, and there are 120 of them. This is a book that would be ideal for a women’s book group, and is strongly recommended.

Many thanks to my brother-in-law, Ararat Torosyan, who shepherded this to print after Heather’s passing.