Book of the Month/May 2020

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I was recently asked to provide a blurb for Anthony Esolen’s new book, Sex and the Unreal City. I read the manuscript enthusiastically, and sent in the blurb already, but this puts me in the unfortunate position of recommending a book to you that isn’t out yet. Soon. It will be out soon. I also don’t have a picture of the cover, and so a picture of the author will have to suffice.

We are living in a time when everything is unhinged. Every generation has had its crazy people, but we are living in a time when the sane people in charge are letting the crazy people run loose like . . . like crazy. We are also living in a time when the few policing actions that do occur are when somebody cracks down on someone who voices some opinions that they somehow picked up from yesteryear.

The publishers of this book are to be commended for continuing to remember that boys aren’t girls. Science.

Here is the blurb I sent into the powers that be:

“We live in the generation of the Lie, and simply keeping track of them all is challenge enough. But to keep track of them, and to demonstrate an ability to see through them, and to have the courage to say something cogent about it in public, is a privilege that is reserved to very few. Anthony Esolen is one of those vocal few who sees what is being done to us, and so it is a privilege to commend this book to you.”

A blurb on a book you are about to buy