Book of the Month/January 2022

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This book is an exercise in moderate extremism, or perhaps you might want to call it radical moderation.

There are truths out there in the world that—twenty years ago—everyone either knew or pretended to know. And, as you should know by now, an extremist in 2022 is a moderate of twenty years ago who refused to move with the times.

Written by Michael Foster and Dominic Bnonn Tennant, who has way too many n’s in his name if you ask me (seven), this book is a sane and measured response to the gender craziness out there. That craziness has seized the modern world by the throat and is squeezing us until our eyes pop out like they did in the old Tom & Jerry cartoons, and a response was called for. Because of all the crazy out there, not a few refugees (including Christians) have started to look longingly at Red Pill World, which is a world of reaction.

But a Christian should always act, never react. This book is a careful, balanced, scriptural look at the task that God has assigned to men, and is a celebration of God’s good wisdom. And God is willing to give men the grace and ability to do what they were created and called to do—so men should make sure that they know what they are asking for. This is not possible apart from looking to Scripture for our answers. A man is not a deficient woman, and a woman is not a deficient man. God’s calling and God’s gifting line up.

This book is highly recommended—for pastors, for parents, for teachers. If you have young men in your life, this book is essential.