And Have a Cold Nose

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So as a world tour kind of thing, it is not so much, but still we all have to go up to the Logos Knights Court for the concert on Friday night, so it is kind of a tour. Let’s call it a there-and-back-again tour. Anyhow, what’s a tour without a T-shirt? These were graciously donated by Hall Closet Uniforms, and many thanks to them.


In addition, if you perhaps thought we hadn’t gotten enough disparate elements together for this particular fund raiser (e.g. classic rock, classical education, auctioning off a grand piano, selling caricatures of the band, etc.), we determined that the one thing that was missing was . . . snowmobiles. Yes, someone has donated a couple snowmobiles to help with this event. You can read more about that here.

If someone purchased these, we will have just about made our goal of 60K by the time the concert starts. Just think, if you buy these snowmobiles, you can thank the Lord together with us and have a cold nose.

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