A Spate of New Books

I mentioned in a recent blog post that a spate of new books from Canon Press was about to arrive. Well, they are all at the printers, and so you can start ordering them now. In fact, on most of these, if you order now they have a deal on shipping costs. Take a gander.

Protocol Matters

is about etiquette for young people. Learning manners is not the art and science of learning how to be a fussy nuisance. It is all about learning how to be considerate in a very practical way.

You should not be surprised, but Peter Leithart writes books like he was a steam engine or something. A Great Mystery is a collection of homilies that he has delivered while officiating at weddings. Deep Comedy connects an optimistic eschatology with a robust Trinitarian understanding, and shows how the Christian faith has an inherently positive view of the world. The Promise of His Appearing is an exposition of 2 Peter. And because Canon Press can’t keep up with him, Peter also has a new book out with Brazos Press, a commentary on 1-2 Kings. You can find that one here.

For a Glory and A Covering

is a new book on marriage that I wrote. Oh good, someone says. A book on marriage. However did he think of it?

And Building Her House is a new book by my wife Nancy, a collection of a number of her Credenda columns. If you look at the picture above closely, you will see two different covers there. Don’t buy both of them, because it is only one book that comes in two different designs. Don’t be fooled.

And last, this is an item that Canon is not publishing, but they are carrying it in their catalog. You will certainly hear more about this one from me — and it too is at the printers. Edited by my son-in-law and daughter, Luke and Rachel Jankovic, the cook book Hot Providence comes in over 350 pages. The book is all about Sabbath living, and it is the only place you will ever find a recipe contributed by me.

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