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I know that some of you have figured this out, and so apologies to you, but I haven’t really highlighted all the features of my shop here on the front page yet, and I thought it was time. If you have any comments or questions, the comments are open.

If you look up at the menu bar at the top, you can easily find a tab that says “Store.” That takes you to a cozy little place where I have (mostly) books for sale. These are the books that are published by Blog & Mablog Press and Tire Center. If you are curious about the relationship of this august entity and Canon Press, it all works out around these lines. Canon basically has the right of first refusal on anything I produce, and yet I produce more than would be wise for them to try to fit into their pipeline. At the same time, I would like to get all my material organized and in some kind of publishable shape before I go to join the Choir Invisible. I am doing that through the shop here, and Canon has the right to pick up any title that is published here—as they recently did with the John Knox title. When they pick it up a title over there, I delete it here.

In the meantime, the books here are available in three formats—Mobi, EPUB, and PDF—and they will each cost you exactly one dollar. But we have just recently added another format for those of you old-timers who still have your old Vision Forum tri-cornered hats. These books are now available in actual paperback, and you can order them through Amazon. Yes, an actual three-dimensional book that the dog could chew up.

A word about our use of Amazon. Yes, I know that we are in a death match with Big Tech and Big Corp, but what we are doing here is making hay while the sun shines. At the same time, we are in fact exploring other options so that when the inevitable hammer falls, we will still be able to continue merrily on our way. We might have to move on down the road, but we will not consent to being cancelled.

So here’s what I propose to do for you this morning. I am going to highlight six of the books that are there in the shop just waiting for you (although there are others), and you can accustom yourself to our processes and procedures with those. For best results, I suggest purchasing all six.

After each is a brief description of what it is about, along with a link to the Amazon paperback. A bit of fair warning here—the paperbacks cost more than a dollar, but are really quite reasonable. They are usually in the neighborhood of seven bucks. The prices are almost as reasonable as the argumentation inside.

So here goes:

A statement of the gospel, that gospel which vanquishes the spirit of accusation. Damned if you do . . . (And you do.) The world runs on accusation. We’ve all felt it. And we all know that, in one way or another, we deserve it. To an unbeliever, Christianity just seems to pile on more of it. But the central message of the Christian faith is deliverance from accusation. All the Condemnation in the World lays out the standard tenets of that message in a setting and with a vocabulary that is not really that common—to get straight to good news that actually sounds like good news without having to work through some of the standard phrases and clichés that can so easily obscure the message.The Amazon link is here.

This book is a series of observations and sketches about many different aspects of ordinary life, considered in the light of our commitment to “all of Christ for all of life.” Over the course of three years I sent these out as weekly meditations to the saints of Christ Church, who bore this additional trial with their usual fortitude. The Amazon link is here.

From time to time at Mablog, I do a detailed review of a book, working through it chapter by chapter. This is a collection of my observations about David Bentley Hart’s book Doors of the Sea. This is a book that tackles the problem of natural evil. The Amazon link is here.

This book is the third in a series of counseling books, all of them made up of fictional letters. In this book, letters are addressed to an array of married couples who are struggling with different challenges. The Amazon link is here.

What is racism? Why is it sinful? How should we respond when we find it in ourselves and in our culture?

Police shootings and protests have filled the news in recent years, leaving us with no illusions that America is free of racial problems. Skin and Blood invites us to look honestly at both white sins and black sins…and to look hopefully at the red blood of Jesus, which is their only cure. The Amazon link is here.

Okay, so I do tweet things from time to time. And over time, they accumulated, so when they got to the depth where I thought I should shovel the sidewalk, it also occurred to me that if they were all put into a book, it might make a book. And if it were refrigerated, to stay with the metaphor, it wouldn’t melt. The Amazon link is here.

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3 years ago

At some point Audible versions would be appreciated.

3 years ago

Still would love to buy the long-promised collection of Exhortations.