A Review of an N.T. Wright Book. Ta Da!

And I hardly ever use exclamation marks.

As regular readers here know, I periodically review books chapter by chapter. We are now in the process of making those reviews available to you in ebook form, and the first one has now arrived on our digital shelves. Some time ago, I reviewed N.T. Wright’s book, Surprised by Scripture, and as with most of my reactions to Wright, the review is mixed. Some of his stuff is very good, and some of it is very bad.

Since by this point in the description, you are no doubt desperate to obtain this title, let me tell you what is involved, or how to go about it. As with virtually all the stuff in the Mablog shop, the cost is one dollar — that is, one clam, one buck, one greenback, one cucumber. The book is available in PDF, Mobi, and ePub, which I think was very thoughtful of us. You can get there by clicking on the image below, or by going to the top menu bar in the middle and clicking on Books > ebooks, where the title will appear at the top, or by going to the right side of the menu bar in order to click on Store > and every available item.

And I thank you for your continued interest.