Why Are Things Moving?

“Jesus said that the Jewish leaders searched the Scriptures—because they thought they would find life in them. But those Scriptures, Jesus said, bore witness to Him. Propositional truth, whether found in the book of Romans or in the Westminster Confession of Faith, must be understood as a window through which we look. Every true statement also can become a mural at which a very ‘conservative’ man can blindly stare. And if anyone points out that the objects in the mural are alive, he brings that person up on charges.”

The Cultural Mind, pp. 287-288

Retractions Are Sometimes Challenging

Last week on Twitter I promised a response to this article by Jessica Hooten Wilson. That promise will need to be adjusted somewhat because of some intervening events. On Saturday evening, a number of the principals had a Zoom meeting which removed some (but not all) of the difficulties. Unfortunately, as much as I appreciate …

A New World Outside

“But above all else, they remembered John’s testimony about the hard run he took one morning to an empty tomb. The grave clothes had been there, but nothing else. John then walked outside with Peter and into a world made new. It took some time for that world to realize it, but nothing was ever the same.”

The Cultural Mind, p. 286

Content Cluster Muster [01-19-23]

Certainly Not: Two This Time: More here. No, here. A Song I Really Like for Some Reason: Yes, Quite: Pleae Take Note . . . : Of the claim I made, and the helpful little note that somebody added at the bottom. Nuff Said: Featured Product: Mablog Mug 2.0:Only fit for the blackest coffee you …