Red Queen Rising

I don't know what you mean by your way, all the ways about here belong to me.

After all those unpleasant choking sounds and the consequent demise of our constitutional republic, we are just a short way into the reign of our dear queen, the red one out of Alice. Her principal talent lies in her ability simply to insist on arbitrary authority, with no logic whatever to back it up. So in just the space of a few short weeks, Bruce Jenner identified as a woman, Rachel Dolezal identified as black, and I identified as svelte. Consider the possibilities before us! Okay, let us treat this thing for what it is -- an intellectually crippled attempt to build the Übermensch. This New Future Man has forearms that look like they came right out of 1930's Stalinist agricultural art, the better to pound you with, and a forehead that appears to be made of brass three inches thick, the better to not think very hard with. Allow me to cite one example before proceeding to some other words of sunshiny encouragement. Here is one tenet of the worldview that is being crammed … [Read more...]

Our Secularist Funhouse and the Impotence of the Gospel

Such courage. Such fun. What fearlessness.

Our secularist age has had it. Yesterday at the ACCS convention Al Mohler reminded us of Elton Trueblood's spot-on metaphor, when he said that our civilization was a cut flower civilization. And he said this back when the flowers were still nice looking -- we have now come to the point in the metaphor that is a lot more brown, and a lot more of us are curled up petals all over the coffee table. And as Mohler argued, this secularism has no way of repairing itself. The elites have consumed the Christian legacy they inherited, and the prodigal son is wondering how he can possibly afford to host the next bash. He is not quite yet at the point where he wants to eat the pig food, but we can see the trough from here. At the foundational level, the problem is that we do not want to have Jesus rule over us. We have revolted against God. Behind all the trans-sexual, trans-racial, trans-dictionary foolishness is the central foolishness of a race of sinners that wants to be trans-mortal. We … [Read more...]

The One Thing Bruce Jenner Got Right

There are two primal drives that define men and women in this fallen world. There is the thirst for forgiveness and there is the lust to start over. Outside these two groups would be those who are not really paying attention. Both groups recognize that life as it is . . . is miserable. Both understand that something has gone radically wrong. This is the one thing that Bruce Jenner got right. What he got right was that everything is wrong. But once you recognize that the world is screwed up, there are always ways to screw it up more. This is where the two groups divide. Those who thirst for forgiveness understand that salvation must come extra nos, from outside us, while the other groups wants to "take personal responsibility" by commandeering our own regeneration. The former receives the virgin birth of Christ so that we might be begotten of imperishable seed, while the other tries to jury-rig its own form of parthenogenesis. The former results in true heart regeneration while … [Read more...]

DuPont’s Finest

The carefree look . . .

If authenticity were a slab of ancient oak, burnished and polished to shine with royal splendor as it served as a magnificent table in the great hall of the mountain king, our generation would be able to point proudly to our version as a paper-thin blonde veneer on top of a rickety yard-sale table in the front entrance of a double wide in east Houston somewhere. As I understand it, the prophet Isaiah used to rely on metaphors also. We like the word authentic, but we detest the reality. Bruce Jenner is an authentic . . . what? The only thing authentic about that man is the intensity of the emotional spasm that is driving him right this particular minute. Unfortunately, intensity is a beam that you can shine on pretty much anything. We like the word authentic, but we detest the reality. A fading beauty in Beverly Hills walks into an upscale bistro, her skin stretched out with botox, her breasts as fine a pair as DuPont could make them, her hair the color of nothing found on … [Read more...]

Consequences Like a Blindside Linebacker

The Bible teaches that mankind bears the image of God sexually. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (Gen. 1:27). The attempt therefore to disregard all this in the "recognition" of same sex mirage is not just an act of immorality, but also an act of theological defiance. It is heresy; it is apostasy. The image of God borne by a man and women together is therefore a creational reality, not dependent in any way on the definitions that a secular state might want to come up with. Marriage exists prior to, and independent of, any determinations by any civil magistrate. The magistrate did not create marriage and therefore has no authority to define it, or recreate it in his own image. The civil magistrate is a steward, entrusted to guard that which God has determined. In Romans 13, the magistrate is repeatedly identified as God's "deacon," God's servant, entrusted with rewarding righteousness and punishing … [Read more...]

The Gaylag Archipelago

So a marginal football player got drafted into the NFL, kissed his boyfriend smack on the lips, and then another football player tweeted something that expressed the sentiment ick gross, and so the second player was hustled into sensitivity training. Got that? As the revolution is established, there will be no heckling. Kirsten Powers got it right. I have as much of an expectation of broad-minded tolerance from the left these days as I do of somebody hoisting up a John 3:16 sign at a North Korean missile parade. These people are coercion junkies. How will they stop the heckling? Vee haff vays. Notice that I did that obliquely because I didn't want to violate Godwin's Law -- the first person in a debate to invoke Nazi parallels loses. This is because it is a well known principle of political science that political coercion and tyranny was only possible in the 1940s. All claims about oppressive coercion in our day are therefore bogus by definition, and one begins to suspect that … [Read more...]

Nature By Grace

All right. Now it is time to bring a number of threads together. The great American classicist Basil Gildersleeve once said that the American Civil War was fought over a point of grammar. He said that it was over whether we should say "the United States is" or "the United States are." Other great and complicated issues can be reduced to a simple question as well. When it comes to culture wars, same sex mirage, natural law, and so on, we are really asking this: "What is the universe actually like?" There are two basic options confronting us today. Either the cosmos was created, made, fashioned . . . or it was not. Either God spoke everything into existence from nothing, or there is no God. Eternality is an attribute of something -- either the living God, or time and chance acting on matter and energy. If the former, we must do what He says. If the latter, we may do what we want. But as it is, we are a rebellious house, and want to do what we want to do. We are a conclusion in … [Read more...]

The Nature of Nature

Unbelievers live in the world, and this is why we must continue to insist on the authority of nature. They also live in the world defined by Scripture, but they are more inclined to deny this than to deny they live in the world. Not only so, but whenever they deny that they live in the world defined by the enscripturated Word, Christians are more inclined to let them get away with it. This is because Christians accept the Bible, and non-Christians don't. Everybody lives in the world, like it or not. Right, and this is why we must continue to insist that the world has a nature, and that this nature is teleologically structured. There is an entelechy to all things, and this purpose, this telos, this intention, this embodiment, was determined by the God who made the world. The world has a nature. Whenever we speak of Nature, we are simply expressing this truth in a shorthand way. But we are currently living in the midst of a large-scale revolt against nature and nature's God, and … [Read more...]

Gaywalkers, Gaytards, and the Gaystapo

Let us begin, shall we, with some basic distinctions. The first has to do with the basic sin issue, with politics not involved. When I was in the Navy, and had evangelistic discussions with whoring drunks, sin was always the issue. I was presenting the gospel to them, and the necessary response to the gospel message is "repent and believe." I would talk with men who were ashamed of their sin, and also to men who were belligerent about it. I would confront them with their tomcatting ways, and they would confront me for being such a Jesus freak. But, to everyone's credit, after we would have what the diplomats call a frank exchange of views, nobody ran off to tattle. Those who are tempted with same sex attractions -- both those who are ashamed of it and try to resist it and those who are given over to it -- are gaywalkers. God built the road, and it is straight road, and he told us to cross at the intersection. Refusing to do so, or wavering on the point, is a sin issue, not a … [Read more...]

Seven Key Facts About the Pomosexual Revolt

Facebook recently decided to let people configure their profile with an available list of any number of genders. For them to publish a master list of the available options would obviously be way too confining, but one estimate puts the available options at 58 or so. One example is cisgender, a word for someone who, for the most part, identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth. And they also have genderqueer, for example, but they don't have demiguy, and one only wonders when the hatred will stop. If your inclination is to think the world has gone crazy, you are right. But it is crazy with a logic to it. There are reasons for the pomosexual revolt. There are hidden drivers, and if you understand them, you will understand the central features of what is happening. Here are some of the key principles. 1. You become like what you worship. There are many places in Scripture where this principle is laid down, but I will cite only two. The first is negative, having to do … [Read more...]

Why Nature Is Necessary

Let's clear a few things out in the first paragraph. Nature is nature, which seems obvious enough, but less obvious is that nature has a nature. The grain of the natural order runs in a particular way. It is not amorphous goo that can be shaped by any volunteer demiurge that happens by. It is not an inert substance that can successfully be altered by an act of Congress, or runaway judges. I just read in the news this week that a federal judge determined that in Michigan water must now run uphill. This why sex change operations are such a fine example of pomosexual confusion. If nature does not have a nature, then subsets of nature (that would be us) would not have a nature either. If we do not have a nature, then it cannot be possible to contradict or violate it. But if we do have a nature, as established by nature's God, then one of the first things that rebels against that God will want to do is declare war on it. Not only does nature have a nature, nature also has a way of … [Read more...]

What Mardi Gras Has for Breakfast

This is happening in lots of different areas, so I don't want to pick on Rand Paul. But for the sake of convenience, let us start with him. He recently called for a "truce" within the Republican Party on "social issues," but what such a truce would actually amount to is total capitulation on the part of social conservatives. To agree to a truce on such issues is to acknowledge in some fundamental way that the issue is not what you have been claiming for it all these years. Principled incrementalism would never use the word truce. Face-saving surrenders do. If abortion is murder, you don't go halvsies on it. If you had been fighting the Nazi genocide for years, and they suddenly offered you a truce, wherein they agreed to stop killing the Feingolds and so on through the end of the alphabet, and you agreed to such a deal, would this not reveal that you had no earthly clue what position you had actually been advocating? Also, it should be said, to agree to a truce on these issues, … [Read more...]

Queer Theory for the Tea Party

Let us abandon for a moment the idea of culture war, and shift the image over to a game or a sport. Many conservative believers think we are in a straightforward contest of strength, something like sumo wrestling, when we are actually in a chess game with a master who is consistently five moves ahead of us. I bring this up because of this piece by Michael Hannon over at First Things, warning us off the false ideal of heterosexuality. And if you read that, I would then recommend this response over at Mere Orthodoxy. In this response of mine, I would want to go even farther than Matt Anderson did in registering concern. By "registering concern" I refer of course to the fact that I will be dancing in place, with my hair on fire, and waving my hands over the top of my head. There are three problems that have each contributed to setting my head ablaze. Let me outline them for you, although concentration might be a problem. … [Read more...]