Squandered Opportunities

“We [evangelicals] have countless churches, radio stations, publishing houses, colleges, seminaries, magazines, and astonishing wealth. At the very same time, we are being outmaneuvered by adversaries who have nothing close to our distinct infrastructure” (Rules, p. 67).

At War With Femininity

“Feminists demand that women receive equal treatment with the men, and nobody is ever more surprised than feminists whenever it happens. Feminists don’t need to be told that they despise men. They generally know that, and even when they don’t, they have certainly heard it before. What they haven’t heard very much is how much they despise women” (Rules, p. 53).

Call It What It Is

“For example, they want to write off all social conservatives as throwback Puritans, with crabbed, pinched faces, worrying desperately that somewhere, somebody called that number on the bathroom wall, and is having a good time. The answer is to cultivate a sunny Calvinism, a Chestertonian Calvinism. Chesterton himself would of course be annoyed at my appropriation of his great name to serve as an adjective to my soteriology, but we all have our crosses to bear”  (Rules, p. 53).

By Saying “Boo!” For Example

“Jesus tells us to rejoice when we are slandered, because, He says, our reward is great in Heaven. But there is another reason to rejoice. There are many times, particularly with the issues that swirl around in our culture wars, when these slanders arise, not from our enemy’s malice, but from their fears. Instead of being indignant, we should think about how we can use that sort of thing” (Rules, p. 49).

No Time for Commies

“Some of us don’t want to give the commies the time of day — they slaughtered over 100 million people over the course of the last century, and, looking ahead to the next century, they would be happy to do it all over again. Some of us don’t think we should be the ones with the hang dog expression” (Rules for Reformers, p.32)

Like an Out-of-Control Office Christmas Party

“Much has been made of the Puritan opposition to Christmas, but more than a little bit of the problem was caused by how Christmas used to be celebrated . . . The problem was actually comparable to us objecting to the drunkenness and fornication at Mardi Gras, only to be told that we have a problem with the resurrection because Lent is the preparation for Easter, and Mardi Gras is the last blowout before surrendering things for Lent. One of the central reasons Puritans were opposed to it was because of all the immorality that was going on in the name of Jesus” (God Rest Ye Merry, pp. 77-78).