Five Yards of Truth

“The rationalism that we inherited from the Enlightenment has trained us all to think that everything that we really ‘know’ is that which can be objectively measured and doled out in credit hours. We have created a great illusory mechanism for making ourselves think that we know how people actually know things. And we identify what they know in terms of what we can measure” (From To You and Your Children, p. 201).

Not Curious Enough

“How would our loving father not answer such a prayer? But too often the reason we don’t ask is that we don’t really want to know. We belong to that shortsighted school of car maintenance and repair — don’t lift the hood if you don’t want to know” (From To You and Your Children,  p. 199).

When Faithfulness is Visible

“Sara appropriated the blessing of the promise through faith. Her faith consisted precisely of this — “she judged him faithful who had promised.” So this then is faith; faith is the natural response to the perceived faithfulness of God. Faith is “judging Him faithful” . . . A man with wobbly faith can get on an airliner but his wobbly faith won’t make the plane crash. And a man with great faith can strap on a couple of wings and jump off the barn but his faith can’t make him fly. Sound faith is what places us in the care of a faithful object” (From To You and Your Children, p. 197).