There’s Always Something

“Historic evangelicals, at their best, are unaccredited teachers in the schools of the prophets. At their worst, they are sons of Zedekiah, selling little miniature horns of iron on the teevee for $9.95 plus shipping and handling (1 Kings 22:11). Institutional Christians, let us call them, at their best, are like Jehoida (2 Kings 11:17). At their worst, they carry on in such a way as to make even a Bach chorale obnoxious to God (Amos 5:23), processing up the center aisle in such a way as to make every true child of the Father want to throw a Scottish psalter at their pointy hats” (Against the Church, p. 30).

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2 thoughts on “There’s Always Something

  1. Great to see different branches of Christianity held against the measuring of rod of Scripture rather than simply measured against each other.
    My copy of this book must still be at sea somewhere. I am l ooking forward to it. You are the only author who can stick a knife in me and make me laugh simultaneously.

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