That Little Head Nod

Just finished a fantastic book on preaching called Why Johnny Can’t Preach. We have to add it to our Greyfriars’ list. It is just superb. Well, mostly superb — he has a few pages on “culture war” that are an odd mixture of astounding insight and barking madness. But that should not be surprising — just as T. David Gordon maintains in this book that electronically massaged mush-for-brains Americans can’t preach, so also I maintain that in the last two hundred and twenty years, only seventeen Americans, approximately, have thought in a straight line on the relationship of the City of God to this American Republic. I do not include myself in that seventeen, incidentally, but on my good days, I admire them and say hey on the street to them, giving that little head nod that says I am cool with them.

Theology That Bites Back



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