Syria in a Sentence

I want Congress to authorize something I don’t believe they need to authorize, and which I reserve the right to do anyway whether or not they authorize it, in order that I might defend the credibility of a red line I didn’t actually draw, so that I may take decisive action that will not in any way affect the momentum of the Syrian civil war or, if it accidentally does, al-Qaeda will the stronger for it, in order that I might have a chance to do what I have spent a decade yelling about other people doing.

Theology That Bites Back



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  • Tim Bushong

    Hypocritical inconsistency, thy name is Barak Hussein Obama.

  • Ben Bowman

    The buck hesitates elsewhere.

  • Ben Bowman

    On second thought though Doug, this isn’t Syria in a sentence. This is politics in a sentence.

  • Jane Dunsworth

    Buck? What buck? I don’t see any buck? Oh, that buck? Okay, I’ll let you put that buck here because I’m a nice guy. But you know, I don’t have to take it. Maybe that guy over there would like it after I’ve looked at it for a couple minutes…

  • jimmie hammertime

    This is what U.S. citizens get for putting party before all else.

    We should be concerned about what good government means – both when our party is in power and when the other party is in power.

    We tend to blame Obama *or* Congress, when in reality it is both that deserve blame. But mostly it is the citizens who want only to choose between Republicans or Democrats that are to blame.

  • Aaron Snell

    As my friend David Nislen noted, this is downright Pauline. I count no fewer than three ἵνα clauses.

  • Aaron Snell

    *Nilsen (sorry David)

  • JohnM

    A friend of mine has always figured “calculating and malicious with a grand plan”, whereas I’ve always just gone with “clueless empty suit”. I think my version is scarier.

  • Michael Hutton

    Hype and shortchange

  • Kurt Rogahn

    On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert translated Obama’s most recent speech on his decision as, “We don’t know what we want to do. We won’t do much and it doesn’t matter when we want to do it. Now, who’s with me?!”

  • Joshua

    “al-Qaeda will the stronger for it”

    …will be…

  • Brett E.

    If Obama launches the invasion against Syria without congressional approval, can we make him give back the Nobel Peace Prize?

  • Josh Gadsby

    That is quite a few “I” Statements. Sadly “we” pay for those narcissistic ramblings. I am reminded of an old saying….”Don’t let your mouth write checks your body can’t cash”.
    In this this case the CNC’s checkbook is on empty, and his body “we the people” have paid enough.
    :Recommend, Operation “Army of One”. Ready…..Go

  • Observer66

    People of the modern world: would you stick to your principles !
    Democracy- robbed in Egypt.
    Freedom of Speech- silenced in GCC.
    War Crimes- nerve gas against Syrian people.
    No serious attempt to stand against injustice in all the above will backfire at some point!
    tell me where is the extremist factory now???