No Room for Wish Fulfillment

“We are to live by what God actually said, and not by what we think it would have been good of Him to have said” (For a Glory and a Covering, p. 111).

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6 thoughts on “No Room for Wish Fulfillment

  1. Doug, why did translators of the ESV change the word for woman in 1 Cor 11 to wife? Every translation up until now has not used the word wife in 1 Cor 11. This change seems to fit perfectly with the above statement.

  2. Doug, did these principles of headship, authority and glory apply to Eve as a priest, “in the sanctuary” before she was married to Adam?

  3. Pastor Wilson, so interpretations “could be”, virgins, single women etc don’t have to practice this until they are married? Or if we skip the historical covering and go with something modern, virgins or single women can shave their heads bald or have very short hair until they are married? With all respect, being indebted to you spiritually and for my family, I’m just at a loss with the leading men of the reformed church on this most important subject of how we are to worship God. I’m taught that there is nothing more important than our approach as a people, than in the sanctuary when we are lifted into the presence of Christ and His angles. Everything flows out from there into and shaping the world. The church has historically followed a biblical tradition with a specific symbol in the sanctuary. The church (during the rise of higher criticism and the feminist movement) decides to remove the symbol from the sanctuary. There is no immediate decay or death to the church or society. But within two generations, here we are today. And when pressed with the issue, all the reformed ministers are in agreement that we don’t need to practice this like the historical church, but they all give different reasons why. The simple question is, “why did the modern church stop the tradition of the historical church on this practice.” It seems like we stopped, and are now trying to figure out why we stopped (let’s do a study). Could it be that wearing that priestly vestment, and visible creed of creation was the way to correctly approach and honor God at His table, as the church did historically?

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