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Now follow me carefully here, because I think there may be at least a couple of things here that you didn’t expect, because online education is the sole province of homeschoolers, right? Quite right, and not exactly.

This is my first installment in what I hope becomes a regular feature — let’s call it Education Thursday. Every Thursday, I hope to point you to something that you might be able to use in the education of your children. For you Southerners, I confess that I almost used that great Southern subjunctive. Every Thursday I hope to point you to something you might could use in the education of your children.

Today I want to point you to a great array of online classes that Logos Press is offering. These are not limited to those who are homeschooling, and they are not limited to those who are involved with a Christian school. This is Education Thursday, not One Particular Method Thursday.

Logos Online School has classes that can be taken by homeschoolers, obviously, but they are not just for homeschoolers. Logos Press has developed a program whereby it is possible for us to offer distance instruction for a school. This current year, we have been serving a number of schools this way, and are ready for more. Say you are a start-up school, and you need a Latin class, but you don’t have anybody who knows Latin. Give us a call . . .

Again, you can find out more about what we are offering here.

We are very excited about the prospects for this coming year, and yes, enrollments are open.

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Congratulations. You did it.

  • http://michaelalanhansen.wordpress.com Michael Hansen

    Let a Georgian offer one slight correction to your use of Southern phraseology:
    “you might could use”
    “y’all might could use”
    I’m sure you’ll agree it rolls off the tongue a bit smoother.
    Michael (Athens, GA)

  • http://thegoodestnews.blogspot.ca/ Dan Glover

    Doug, I think you meant to say to the Southerners:  “Every Thursday I hope to point y’all to something y’all might could use in the education of y’all’s children.” 

  • Ken O’Shaughnessy

    Pastor Wilson,
    As a homeschooling father of five in a city nowhere near a classical Christian school, this is very exciting and encouraging.  Are there any plans to offer grammar/elementary level classes in the future?  We are working through the Logos second grade homeschool bundle and have been very happy with it so far.  Thanks

  • Douglas Wilson


  • http://thegoodestnews.blogspot.ca/ Dan Glover

    I’m Canadian so “chillun” has a whole different meaning for me, but I eventually understood.

  • carole

    Pastor, I think I just misunderstood, but you did not mean to say that courses from Logos are religiously neutral did you? I have always understood you to say that Jesus is Lord over all of instruction…
    I hope this question is coming off as respectfully as I intend it.  I do think I am just not following. thx

  • Douglas Wilson

    Carole, no, I didn’t mean neutrality in that way. I meant that Christian parents can use schools or homeschooling to impart a Christian, non-neutral education.

  • Henrybish

    Doug, do you think it would ever be possible for you to provide this kind of thing for free or on a donation basis? In addition to the fact that there are many poor families I think it would help spread good Christian influence further and deeper into the world which will bear more eternal fruit than making a few bucks :) – not that I have any idea about your profit margins.

  • http://vhurt.blogspot.com/ Virgil

    Might could is my favorite. My Western Kentucky friends make liberal use of that one. It takes some practice. You did well.

  • Sandra K

    Any thoughts on how the Integrated Humanities courses differ from the Omnibus courses offered online by Veritas Press? 
    & I’d be interested to know the wisdom behind starting with the Omnibus III text.. is it just because that’s the best way to offer 4 years of courses (ie Omnibus III through VI, must skip a couple, so do the last 4)?
    I homeschool and have been planning to loosely follow the Omnibus program (loosely because my oldest son is starting grade 9 next year &  it would be unrealistic to cover all 6 years in 4).Thank you!

  • carole

    Ahhh, thank you. And I am so pleased this is available now!!

  • J

    For the record, “Every Thursdee, I hope to point yuns to somethin that y’all would kindly be able to utilize in the schoolin of your chitlens.”

  • http://logosonlineschool.com Larry

    Sandra K, Veritas divides each Omnibus I – VI into secondary and primary courses over one school year each. If you registered for the Omnibus course for Veritas you would have to sign up for both classes at $595 each in order to cover the class in one year. At Logos Online the Integrated Humanities course combines both in a one year course for just $575. The courses at Veritas or M-W or T-Thu for 1 hour and 15 minutes each. Logos courses are M-F for one hour each day. 
    The reason we begin with Omni III is because we offer a diploma and transcript for our high school students without any extra fees or costs. We would give a transfer student credit for course already completed for our transcript.
    We will work with any homeschool family to assist them in providing a Christ centered curriculum with Christ surrendering instructors.
    Ken, we did offer grammar classes last year but there wasn’t enough interest to support teachers. We would certainly consider offering more in the future. What classes are you looking for?
    If any of you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to email me at larry@canonpress.com.

  • carole

    Thank you Larry, I do have some questions.  Do you prefer to have them here or by email?

  • Brent

    Pastor Wilson, are these online classes limited to children? Can a recent college grad who never received a classical Christian education enroll in these classes for personal enrichment?

  • Larry

    carole, please email me.

  • Micah Neely

    Brent, I don’t know if you’ve had your question answered, but I would suggest that while the classes for students through HS probably won’t be appropriate for you there are a number of live video seminars offered through Logos Press at the same links as above.