If You Know What a Head Shot Is . . .

I just finished a book that was more informative than good. The author had some really decent observations and concerns, but that was not the really illuminating part. The illuminating part was his simple reporting. The book was called Fame Junkies, and I heard the author, Jake Halpern, being interviewed on Ken Myers’ Mars Hill audio journal, which is also worth your time. I get a lot of worthwhile book recommendations there.

At any rate, Halpern outlines in detail how much money and time numerous parents throw away in order for their child to become Britney Spears. The whole industry devoted to the lottery of fame is simply astounding.

So if you are a parent, and your kid knows what a head shot is, wants to audition for American Idol as many times as they will allow, and is disgracing the family name in some narcisstic fashion on Facebook, this book really is a must read. When Jesus taught us how to get ahead — the first will be last, and the last first — He was not referring to every aspect of life except the entertainment industry. When He taught us that the way to succeed is to die, He did not have any exceptions in mind.

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