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5 thoughts on “I Like the Trailer, but the Book is Better

  1. Saw it. I must say, it exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect it to be a good movie…and it was far worse than I could’ve imagined. Apparently, my assessment wasn’t unique.  As soon as the movie ended, the guy behind me in the theater stood up and cried out, “That sucked! Those are two wasted hours I’ll never get back!” Never had that happen before!

  2. The problem with seeing a movie for the purposes of taking it down is that the box office numbers don’t account for the viewers’ motives. If enough people go see a movie for the purposes of seeing how bad it is, it’ll make money, thus encouraging the producers to make another one. 
    Some other review said that they dropped Noah’s sons’ wives out of the story so that the script writers wouldn’t have to come up with characterization and dialogue for more than two female characters… I mean, so that there would be opportunities for familial angst on Ham’s part re: the utter lack of women after everyone else on the face of the earth dies.

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