Bultitude Records and Brother Down

A lot of new stuff is barreling toward us. Tell you what. I will do my best to keep up with the announcements, and you do your best to stand clear.

Here is a press release announcing the formation of a record label with Canon Press — Bultitude Records.

Bultitude Logo

And here is the first album from Bultitude. The genesis of this project was a few years back, when I had a “psalm off” contest here on this blog. That contest was won by Brother Down, a very fine band located in Santa Cruz, and I asked them if they would be willing to fill up a whole album with that kind of good stuff, which they were. The songs are all taken from our psalter, the Cantus Christi, and are Reformation era psalms with contemporary instrumentation. This is the good stuff, let me tell you.

The release date is (appropriately enough) Reformation Day, and you can pre-order the album at iTunes here.

Brother Down


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7 comments on “Bultitude Records and Brother Down

  1. I truly hope you make this work. I think variety will be key.

  2. Is this new label only going to distribute through iTunes, or are there plans to expand to other digital marketplaces in the future (Google Play Store, Rhapsody, Spotify, Amazon.com, etc.)?
    Also, are there plans to manufacture CDs under this record label, or will it be strictly digital distribution?  I don’t feel the need to own a physical copy of every single last album I’ve purchased, but sometimes there’s just something about the feel of a disc in one’s hands…  (And if anyone claims that this makes me old, I’ll vehemently deny it.  Now get off my lawn.)

  3. Nathan, iTunes is just the beginning.

  4. What a great name for a record company! How many recognize the allusion to Lewis? As with just about anything remotely “Lewis” it will undoubtedly be a success

  5. Hope you guys have some ‘Bultitude Records’ swag in the works, too. I haven’t heard the music yet, but would definitely buy a hat or a shirt. Love that bear.

  6. What is this?  Trying to change the culture?!  I thought that was Glenn Beck’s job.
    Ok, on this particular set of ten “songs” — are these all some version (which?) OT psalms put to old but spiffed up melodies, or are some or all of the tunes new creations?

  7. Dear Pastor Wilson, 
    Lots to appreciate about this. It would be helpful to know if you intend this as a serious proposal for worship reform, only as a means of private edification, or something in-between. Makes a big difference for how one receives it. 
    With love,

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