A New Book is Upon Us!

Death By LivingDeath By Living is due to be released in just a few weeks. A follow-up to Notes From the Tilt-a-Whirl, this book brings us a lot more of the same — Chestertonian exuberance, vivid descriptions, and the romance of orthodoxy. One of the perks we have in our family is that we get to read stuff like this on the done-writing date instead of the release date, which is a lot of fun. But in addition to the fun — for we were not put on this earth for pleasure alone — this means that we are in a position to say that this book is the hot stuff.

Now I understand, as the purchaser of many books, that placing a pre-order is not nearly as satisfying as just ordering one that will consequently be on your doorstep in just a few days. But ask yourself, as you go back and forth in your mind about this, what is the right thing to do?

UPDATE! If you pre-order from Canon, here, you will get a copy signed by the author.

(Note the new cover for Tilt.)


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Congratulations. You did it.

  • Richard Okimoto

    Considering I placed my preorder in NOVEMBER, I’d say this still a pretty satisfying announcement!

  • Douglas Wilson

    Dear Mr. Pingback,

    No, but I am very grateful to have kids who aren’t ashamed to sign what they write.

  • jay niemeyer

    Notes from the Tilt A Whirl is, quite simply, the best book of the 21st century so far. I cannot imagine how any work could surpass its beauty, insight, and profundity. But if the follow-up even approaches the first, a lot of readers are in for some serious edifyin’ joy.

  • Rick Davis

    “Dear Mr. Pingback, No, but I am very grateful to have kids who aren’t ashamed to sign what they write.”


  • Tim

    Wow. Somebody got their feelings hurt and so they started a blog with pictures and….memes. Memes. N.D. Wilson writes books to encourage believers and they are successful and his dad says “hey, look” – as I would – and this loser writes…memes. One sentence snark on pictures of monkeys and cats.


  • David

    follow-up to Tilt-a-Whirl?! Does this also mean a new Bookumentary, maybe?

  • Kimberley

    YAY! Just pre-ordered! I can’t wait to read!!