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All ye with comments, try it now.

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A Few Milestones

A year or so ago, we urged my father to start writing his autobiography. He has been doing so, a bit at a time, and has been bringing those completed sections over to our weekly Sabbath dinner. I have been enjoying it very much as he writes — he is a wealth of stories.

As he has been getting more into the parts of his life that involve his four children, he has asked each of us to write out a skeletal outline of our own lives so that he can cross-check dates and so on. And so here is mine. I am not expecting you to be interested in when I lost my first tooth, and so I leave that out. Don’t remember it anyway.

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Update Your DW App Now

For those of you who downloaded the earlier version of the DW app, you can get the update now. And if you haven’t done so, then now would be the time to do it the first time.

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Please Pardon Our Cyber Dust

Many of you have noticed the DW icon off in the right sidebar. In fact, 901 of you have downloaded it. This icon is the mobile app for this blog, and enables you to receive push notifications and such. This paragraph is what you might call a service announcement. Starting this evening, that service will not be functional for around 3 days. At the end of that time, it will be back in the saddle, newer and fresher, and with lots of different code in it. Thanks for your patience.

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Two Christmas Thoughts

The kids and all the grands came over for our annual Christmas breakfast together, and we had ourselves a time. I have to say that the sheer volume of gifts was significant. There are sixteen stockings to be stuffed, and then the regular presents for the grands, and then the adults give one another presents. As I looked out over the pandemonium, I thought of the annual clucking of tongues over consumerism and so forth, wherein we are all exhorted — for the betterment of our souls — to limit ourselves to one or two gifts, max, and preferably they will be kind of gifts that did not attract the attention of too much mammon, the kind you can get at the dollar store. In short, the exhortation — for the betterment of our souls — exhorts us to be as unlike God as we can be. God is lavish, and He did not try to teach us selflessness by undergiving. Throughout my entire life, not to mention all the ages before I was born, God has always way overdone it. And the imitation of Christ means, among other things, imitating that.

Speaking of overdoing it, our kids conspired together this year to give each set of grandkids a puppy — all German shorthair pointers — and if you are tracking with me, this means three puppies. Nancy and I had the privilege of delivering the puppies to their new homes this morning. The thought among our kids was that the only thing that would be able to drive the kids into a higher state of whipped-up-ness than a puppy would be the general discovery, when they arrived at our house for breakfast, that the two other cousin families had each gotten a puppy too. The same kind of puppy. And so they did, and the event came off with a satisfactory amount of squealing and yelling. The puppies are named, if you are interested, Dixie Mist, Dottie, and Derby. Going into 2014, life at our house just moved into 3-D.

Okay, Don’t Panic . . .

I am on the hunt for themes that don’t mess up your comments through nigh impossible paragraph breaks. Many of you are already irritated enough when you first start to comment, and the fact that the old theme turns your lucid prose into a slab of granite irritates you further. I will probably go back to the old theme in a little bit, but in the meantime, could you test the comments box for me? Donkeyshins, as we say in Germany.

N.B. Thanks everybody. Back to the old way, but we are closing in on it.

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I Stand Corrected . . .

Yesterday while preaching I was making a point about the difference between common nouns and more capacious nouns. I was saying that we wouldn’t think anything of it if someone wrote a three-volume history on the word democracy, and then I said this — “But if you found someone had done the same thing with a common noun, studying shoelaces through history, you would begin to suspect deep personal problems.” My point was that nobody would do that.

But I have sharp parishioners. One of them, a young lady named Madeline James, offered me a very charitable correction. You can look at it here. The relevant section is just past the one minute mark.

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Monster Sale on Canon Titles — Next Week

Canon Fall Sale 2013

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