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Calvin's Institutes

After you enjoy the cartoon, I have to tell you a quick story.                       A number of decades ago, before I was Reformed, I wanted to get a copy of Calvin's Institutes, which I did not yet have. I was on the road and stopped in a Christian bookshop somewhere and asked if they had it. When I asked the question, this very thing happened to me. Years later, I was flipping through CT -- back when I still did that -- and came across this cartoon. "Nancy!" I said, "this exact thing happened to me." Beyond coincidence, but I had no explanation. I was befuddled. But eventually I thought to look at who drew the cartoon. Ron Huggins drew it, a friend of mine, and all of a sudden the mystery didn't seem so grand. … [Read more...]

Job Opening . . .

We have a company here in Moscow called EMSI that is a great place to work. They are now looking for an experienced accountant and a few web developers. If you are interested in following up on this, check it out here. … [Read more...]

A Couple Shameless Plugs

Drake's Flag

So let me explain what happened. Some months ago, my CD player in my truck conked out. Nancy was kind enough to get me a new one for Christmas, which I then had installed. But in the meantime, a bunch of my Mars Hill Audio Journal CDs had backed up into a small pile, so I then went on a Ken Myer binge, which was fun, because in the middle of that, I went down to Monroe where he and I were both speaking at a conference together. Ah, a familiar voice. But, eventually I got caught up. Ken's interviews are where I get many of my ideas for book purchases. So check it out, I tell you. Also during this enforced-audio-hiatus-time, a former student sent me some samples of a project he and some others are working on -- audio dramatizations of some of G.A. Henty's books. So I just finished listening to their production of Under Drake's Flag, and highly recommend it to any of you who have kids who like to have adventures while riding in the car. These productions values are high, and they got … [Read more...]

Basic Christian Living

Basic Christian Living

This coming semester I am going to be teaching an elective at Logos School on practical Christianity. The students will be using a workbook I put together, Basic Christian Living, and which Canon has just published. There are short teaching sections interspersed throughout, along with questions and Scripture references to look up to answer the questions. There are chapters on worship, confession of sin, restitution, contentment, and so on. The point of the book is to help Christian young people learn the basics of Christian holiness. If you are in a position where you want to help a person in such a situation, take a look. … [Read more...]

My Seventies Bride

One of my favorite pictures of Nancy, taken as a snap by a friend as her dad walked her down the aisle.

I have recently been uploading family photos and organizing them via Evernote -- which I heartily recommend by the way -- and I came across this one. It is one of my favorite pictures of Nancy, taken as a snap by a friend as her Dad was walking her up the aisle. Some day, if I am feeling up to it, I will show you a pic of what she, for some mysterious reason, was walking toward.   … [Read more...]

Still Living Out of Boxes . . .

A watercolor app did this to a iPhoto of our sabbath dinner tonight. That's the table at the bottom.

You are a long-suffering bunch, and this is certainly to be commended. I have been messing around computer-wise for a number of months, and the effects have been clearly visible, some of them mud-fence ugly visible. I wanted to take this moment to praise you, and for not swearing at me in the comments. I also wanted to explain. So let me explain a little bit. I am a technoramus, and I can only learn my way through computer stuff if I labor heavily, with beads of sweat on my brow, and with my tongue sticking out of the corner of my mouth. In some fields of knowledge, I read or hear something and the datum that I just read or heard has little bits of velcro all over it, as does certain parts of my brain, and -- ta-da! -- that information will be readily available to me until the day I die. I have control over some of this, and no control at all when it comes to other aspects of it. Why do you build me up, build me up, Buttercup, baby, just to let me down, let me down, mess me around, … [Read more...]

A Meander Through My Reading Habits

I recently got a question in the comments here about my reading habits, and thought it might be fun to take a meander through my library, pointing out objects of interest as I go. File this one under autobiographical fragments. I liked books as a kid, but simply read in pursuit of my interests. Those interests were shaped by the reading our family did together, which is where I found my love for Lewis. Dad started reading Narnia to us when I was about five. The only jag I recall was somewhere near the junior high years, and it was a science fiction jag -- that is where I got my Heinlein in. I also remember reading Aku Aku by Thor Heyerdahl when I was in 6th grade. I was in high school when I first got into Tolkien, egged on by my mother. Around the same time, I also stumbled across Up From Liberalism by William Buckley, and my course of political education began there. When I was in the Navy, I think I read a lot of fiction. I wasn't building a library because submarines and … [Read more...]

Patience, Patience . . .

Okay, then, you probably noticed the theme has changed. I need to mention this because there are all kinds of features tucked away in all kind of nooks and most of the crannies. Even where I have noticed something -- that is, for example, not true -- this does not mean I am deliberately trying to mislead anyone or otherwise break the 9th commandment. Take, for example, the one about affiliate links. I need to play with this a while to customize it, and so you must needs be patient. That's a virtue anyway, so I look at it as win/win. … [Read more...]

Davenant Presents . . .

Future Prot

A number of you regulars at this blog are located in Southern California, which means this is an event you should mark on your calendars. For those of you living elsewhere, you can get information about live-streaming at this location -- so I guess you all should mark your calendars. Okay, everybody mark your calendars. It promises to be a hummer. Here is the back story on how this all came together. The event was made possible by the Davenant Trust, the same group that provided New St. Andrews with a generous gift to kick start our translation project of Reformation theology. Make sure to check them out. … [Read more...]

A Few Milestones

A year or so ago, we urged my father to start writing his autobiography. He has been doing so, a bit at a time, and has been bringing those completed sections over to our weekly Sabbath dinner. I have been enjoying it very much as he writes -- he is a wealth of stories. As he has been getting more into the parts of his life that involve his four children, he has asked each of us to write out a skeletal outline of our own lives so that he can cross-check dates and so on. And so here is mine. I am not expecting you to be interested in when I lost my first tooth, and so I leave that out. Don't remember it anyway. … [Read more...]

Please Pardon Our Cyber Dust

Many of you have noticed the DW icon off in the right sidebar. In fact, 901 of you have downloaded it. This icon is the mobile app for this blog, and enables you to receive push notifications and such. This paragraph is what you might call a service announcement. Starting this evening, that service will not be functional for around 3 days. At the end of that time, it will be back in the saddle, newer and fresher, and with lots of different code in it. Thanks for your patience. … [Read more...]