So poetry is broken speech,

Metaphor shattered.

Not broken prose

But prose broken-

That resurrection power

Might be displayed,

And like the Word

These tiny words

Can also then be called and named

          sons of God.


Yet how many men

Have been crucified?

With broken legs,

They suffocate.

A pole upright,

Half-pound nails

And murderous will

Are not enough

To make a christ

          or a christian.


So brokenness-

Taken alone-

Is broken.

Fragmented prose

Will decompose

And never see

What poetry knows.


What does envoi mean exactly?


For we are God’s poem

Created in Christ Jesus

To do good works-

To break our own prose

Into our own little poems-

Which God prepared

Beforehand for us

to write with our lives.

How do we walk in a poem?

How do we react

          when prose appears in the upper room?