Mark Steyn calls them ecochondriacs — people who are convinced of global warming and who are wailing on their guitars and beating their statist drums to a tune that Foreigner made popular way back in the day. URGENT. Unless we all take action NOW, we are all going to DIE, and it won’t FUNNY THEN. And ACTION NOW means, remarkably enough, that we need to sign over all kinds of additional authority to the state. Because if we don’t, all the ice is going to melt and you will soon be able to go to the New Atlantic City in Pennsylvania somewhere. You get the drift.

This claptrap is being sold to us at the very time when Chicago has frozen clean solid through, and so the language has had to be adapted slightly. Now we must fear “global climate change.” In the seventies SCIENCE warned us that we were facing a new ice age and great peril awaited us. Now SCIENCE tells us that we are heating right up and this also is perilous. But then things got really cold in a bunch of places, and scientific laymen were starting to ask questions that betrayed their ignorance, but were still kind of hard to answer anyway, like “how can it be heating up when it is getting colder?” So that brought us global climate change, so that no matter what happens, the evidence fits. Voila!

The only thing that could get any more noodles in this farrago of nonsense would be to have a bunch of evangelicals clamber on board and demand that we all go along with this scienti-hooey in the name of Jesus. Yep, right on schedule. The list of signatories includes a number of the usual suspects.