Lead Us Not to the Cliff Edge

Instead of fleeing temptation, we sometimes want to figure out where the technical sin line is, and then walk the line just on the right side of it. But dallying with sin in this way really is morally questionable. It may not be explicit sin, but it is teetering on the edge of it.

The Lord teaches us that we should pray that we not be led into temptation. This means, incidentally, that we should also not want to be led into the areas where such leading into temptation might commence. If we have ever fallen off a cliff, our desire should be to stay away from the cliff edge. We should not try to figure out how close we would have to get to the cliff edge before we have become technically stupid. That whole way of thinking is stupid, and more than just technically.

We should be praying that we not be led into temptation. This should be one of our fundamental desires. We want our daily bread; we want our sins forgiven; we want to honor God’s name; and so of course we want to be kept out of temptation. There is a certain kind of staying out of trouble that we should want.

Of course if we pray this way faithfully, and the Spirit keeps us out of temptation trouble, we will soon enough be in another kind of trouble. But in this kind of trouble, the Spirit stays with you, and you are sustained and upheld by Him. The real decision is whether you will go through trials on your own, or go through them accompanied by the Holy One of God.