Election Thoughts

For those readers in New Zealand, you can skip over this post. Our election is tomorrow and for those in Idaho, here is a good breakdown. The only places I really differ with Dale is on the gubernatorial race (where I will probably vote for the Libertarian candidate, or maybe Dave Barry), and on one of the referenda.

The second place where my recommendation is different from Dale’s is on Prop2, which I intend to vote for. I agree that government by referendum is clumsy, and this will create problems that will have to be fixed later, and so on. Dealing with “protection of private property” issues this way is like killing ants with a baseball bat. But I would suggest that if the politicos who don’t like this kind of thing are really interested in preventing this kind of populist self-defense uprising, they should start by BEHAVING THEMSELVES IN BETWEEN ELECTIONS. If our elected officials stopped PILLAGING, that would be a good way to make things like Prop2 go away. And Prop2 is a good way to remind them all that this would be a good thing for them to start thinking about doing.