911 Stumpers Both Ways

If you haven’t already checked them out, here are some places where you can go to satisfy whatever itch it is that web sites like this satisfy. Debunking the “inside job” take would be the task of the folks here, here, and here. Oh, and another one here. And here.

And some sites that question the mainstream interpretation of what happened are here, here, and here. And to make the numbers even, here and here.

Here are some of my questions, just a sampling, both ways. For those who think it was an inside job, :

1. The attacks took place just a matter of months after Bush was sworn in. Are you willing to posit the necessary involvement of the Clinton administration? How deep and how far back does your conspiracy go?

2. If Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, where did it go?

3. If the skyscrapers were taken down by internally-placed demolition charges, how was that arranged without all the residents of the Towers seeing the necessary preliminary activity? Were the men dressed like Orkin bug men?

4. Having seen an example of governmental competence in the aftermath of Katrina, are we prepared to say that an operation of this scope and magnitude went off flawlessly? Without missing a beat?

5. If the whole thing was an excuse to go into Afghanistan and Iraq, wouldn’t an administration with no scruples like that have the necessary expertise to “find” all the WMD they needed to justify the war after the fact? Why would an administration like that allow themselves to be so badly embarrassed over something so easy to rig?

6. If you assume that we have special forces men hard-bitten enough to conduct mass murder like this, where do you still come up with the necessary suicide pilots? That kind of fanaticism takes a jihadist, or something very much like him. But why would they cooperate with a “false flag” operation to justify war against their Muslim base?

But there are a few reasonable questions the other way too.

1. How could an airliner go through the 16-20 foot hole in the side of Pentagon without leaving both its wings on the Pentagon lawn?

2. How would a fire at the top of the two main towers (however hot) cause the bottom of the towers to lose their structural strength?

3. Why would WTC7 collapse when no plane hit it? Is burning jet fuel not necessary then?

You get the idea. Back to more important things.