On Refusing to Live in Pinkletown

A little while ago, a few weeks back, we had a discussion here in this space about my insistence on using um, flamboyant and non-PC language when discussing the homosex phenom. We had a good time in that discussion, but we weren't done yet. Let me appear to change the subject for a minute. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu says something profound, something that very few conservative culture warriors, God bless them all, get. He argues that the wise general first attacks the enemy's plans, then secondly, his alliances, and then third, his army or his forces. Get that? You don't attack the enemy in the first instance; you attack what he is doing. You attack his plans first. The push for homosexual marriage is very recent, and it is still ongoing. That particular battle is still in process, and no, we haven't actually lost it yet. But we did lose some earlier battles, which is why the challenges are so great now. Conservatives tend to think that "the plan" is to corrupt our laws as a way … [Read more...]

Book of the Month/July

Iain Murray

I have read and enjoyed and profited from a number of Iain Murray's other books, and in the realm of enjoyment and edification, this book was no different. But it was very different from his other books in several other respects. The book-of-the-month this time around is The Undercover Revolution, and it is about how infidel novelists wrecked Great Britain. He gives a detailed treatment of two writers, Robert Louis Stevenson and Thomas Hardy, then moves on to show how a swarm of writers transformed British culture, and concludes with a fine statement of the basic Christian gospel. Murray usually writes what might be called "in-house" biographies or histories, and this book details a much broader intersection of faith and infidelity. Also Murray usually writes expansively, and this book is very short -- less than a hundred pages. At the same time, he fits an awful lot into it. This is a good book for jump-starting your brain. Here are a few thoughts that came out of my reading of … [Read more...]