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As you know, as we come to this meal, we are coming to Christ. Moreover, if we are doing it properly, each time we come we are coming to more Christ. Although we have been given all of Christ in principle, we have not yet experienced all of Christ in time. We are temporal, finite creatures, and so we cannot experience all of Christ in one eternal moment, one eternal present. The way God has established for us to experience all of Christ is to forever be experiencing more of Christ. Another way of saying this is that we will always be growing.communion20elements20-20dickow

This is why we are to be spiritually ambitious. Selfish ambition leads us astray because it is directed at ungodly ends. But our problem is not the ambition, but rather where it is aimed. When we are zealous for self in a wrong direction, we are sinning. And when we are lethargic and unambitious, we are also sinning.

We were created to seek after glory, and we are being disobedient when we do not seek after glory. Paul commends those “who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life” (Rom. 2:7).

It is not selfish to seek glory. It is selfish to refuse to seek glory. It is selfish to seek after vainglory. But glory, honor, and immortality are all a design feature. We are intended for it.

So never be content with yesterday’s manna. Never be content to be a spiritual dry creek bed. Never settle for a comfortable liturgical routine. Do you come to the Lord’s Table every week? God bless you. But do it, each week do it, seeking more Christ.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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Larry Geiger
Larry Geiger
6 years ago

“But do it, each week do it, seeking more Christ.” Amen.

doug sayers
doug sayers
6 years ago

Glory not vain glory. Thanks again, Doug. These are very helpful.

A fully Pelagian view of salvation leads to a faulty confidence in the flesh and a fully Calvinistic view leads to a false humility.