Worship Tremors

If God in His grace allows this service of worship to be an earthquake, the tremors will be felt elsewhere. But this quake will not happen as the result of anything we might do or think up. Our service to Him is all of grace; if it is right, then He has done it.

But this is what He does. We are invited to worship God in the throne room of God, together with all the saints of every age. We do this whenever we gather to worship in the name of Jesus Christ. But when we do this self-consciously, knowing what we do, when we have been given the gift of knowing that which surpasses knowledge, when we have tasted the height and breadth and depth, when we know that we are seated in Christ Jesus in the heavenly realms, then every realm of pretended autonomy of earth begins to tremble.

As we worship now, pray that every autonomous prideful thought in our community would be humbled and brought low as a result of what happens here today. Pray that this humbling would begin in our own hearts, and our own families. Pray that it would strike down every autonomous thought in the broader Christian community. And pray also that open non-believers would be unsettled simply because God is being worshiped through Jesus Christ.

Pray that Jesus Christ will be praised.

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