The Weight of Glory on Your Lap

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Many years ago we made the decision to disband our children’s church and nursery, and go to a system of parents training their little ones to worship along with us during the service. We do have cry room, and so on, but the intent is to have our children grow up into the worship of God. We have had many reasons to rejoice in that decision, and we don’t regret it at all.

At the same time, the point of this exhortation is to let you as parents know that we know how much work you do, and to encourage you in it. It is good work, work that will bear fruit for many years, over many generations. It is sometimes easy to lose sight of this long view, especially if you have five children under the age of seven, and all of them are squirmy. It is easy to lose sight of that when you haven’t heard more than ten minutes of a sermon at a time in three years, and you wonder if you will ever be able to listen to a sermon again.

But the life of Christ is not best represented by listening to a lecture, undistracted by anything. The life of Christ is pulled in many directions, just like you are being pulled, and you are willing for this to happen so that your children may come to worship the Lord. Laying it down for somebody else in this way is our glory. It is a true sacrifice to bring them to the Word, to the psalms, to the wine and to the bread.

So don’t measure what you get out of these worship services with carnal balances. The weight of glory you are carrying is far beyond the weight of toddlers in your lap.

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6 years ago

“Many years ago we made the decision to disband our children’s church and nursery…”

What a curiously, wonderful idea. We’ve toyed with some similar ideas. Sadly we have many kids who just get dropped off at church, no parents to be found anywhere. Our pastor has pulled them into being part of the worship team ,and we try to find some grandparents to sit with them, to adopt them during services. I am often working in the nursery and kids church, keenly aware that something is not quite right here, that this is really not the ideal.

Erin Roneree
Erin Roneree
6 years ago

Do you think that churches that have children’s ministries are not doing it right? Can the kids learn there too? I have thought about this a bit my husband having watched a documentary on the subject awhile ago…