Think for a Moment

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In answer to the question of whether or not Jesus was going to reign over a particular part of the earth or not, the answer that Isaac Watts suggested is an apt one. Well, he asks, does the sun shine on it?

Jesus shall reign where’re the sun
Does his successive journeys run.

This is a view that is not universally held. The kings of the earth, and all their great ones, have assembled together in order to prevent it from happening. They have convened their parliaments and their great assemblies. They have jets flying in from all over. They have held great conventions—congresses of parliaments, and parliaments of congresses. Everything is in order, all has been dealt with tidily, and the appropriate motions were made, seconded, passed, minuted, and filed.

And the God of Heaven holds them all in derision. The divine wrath is preceded by divine scorn.

Men breathe through their noses. Men walk around on two feet, sticking those same noses in the air. They have no need of the God hypothesis. They deny that it was God who made us, and solemnly affirm the silliness of the contrary—that it somehow was we ourselves. An utterly blind craftsman, an infinitely stupid blank process, one stupendously great avalanche of tumbling nonsense, pretends to have the kind of deft expertise that could repair sewing machines, manufacture iPhones, and hit the strike zone at 95 miles per hour.

Deaf as a post, this great concatenation of atoms spit out Mozart. Blind as the inside of a cavern, this meaningless collection of matter gave us countless glorious sunsets over the Rockies. As stupid as a pile of underachieving rocks, this accidental cosmos churned out its Newtons and Einsteins, its Bachs and Beethovens, its Augustines and Calvins.

Their argument is straightforward. God has done nothing whatever for us. He did not create us. We owe Him nothing. And His kingdom will not stretch from shore to shore. Straightforward, but false. God has created us from nothing. We owe Him everything. He died on the cross to offer us forgiveness. We owe Him everything over again. And as one who purchased it all with the blood of His Son, He is fully intent to have it all—till moons shall wax and wane no more.