Spiritual Eyes, Hands, Mouth

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Although your soul is not a body, it nevertheless has eyes, hands, and mouth. I am speaking here of more than the eyes, hands and mouth that it possesses through possessing your actual physical body. No, the Bible teaches that you can see without physical eyes, hold without physical hands, and eat apart from a physical mouth.

Paul prays that the Ephesians would have the eyes of their heart enlightened. He wants this so that they might grasp with spiritual hands what was theirs in Christ Jesus. And when we partake of one another in love, we are eating life, but not physically.

This ability is called faith. Faith would be the two eyes of the soul, discerning Christ when and where He is offered. Faith would also be the two hands of the soul, enabling you to receive Christ as offered. Faith is the mouth of the soul, making it possible for you to feed on Him, to the satisfaction that brings life.

You come here body and soul, but you come here so that both body and soul might partake. Bread is offered to you. You see it, you reach out your hand, and you put it into your mouth. This is to teach you that your soul is doing the same thing. But where your eyes see bread, your spiritual eyes are to see Christ. Where your hands hold bread, your spiritual hands are to hold Christ. Where your mouth tastes bread, your spiritual mouth tastes Christ. The same thing is true of the wine.

So come. See with your soul. Take with your soul. Eat and drink with your soul. Your ability to do this is found in the gift of faith. God equips us, by His grace, to commune with Him. He gives us what we need to receive Him.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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