Set in Order

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The image of God in you is not a static thing, a mechanical imprint. The image of God means to be orderly, in accordance with His word, in true righteousness and holiness.

No human being is completely disordered or unhinged, and by God’s common grace, even non-Christians still reflect some of the order that was present in the Garden. And when we come to the Father through Christ, we are justified, and the Holy Spirit begins the work of straightening out our disordered tempers, passions, habits, desires, and loves.

Some of them are corrupt and defiled, and have to be crucified. Some of them are simply out of place, inordinate. He puts them back where they ought to be.

You are to see the process occurring in the mirror of God’s perfect law of liberty. As you gaze upon God’s word, as you hear it, as you eat it, that Word is His instrument for putting your distempers right.

The center of this process is what we are doing here, right now. Come, worship the Lord, and, as you do so, pray that in seeing Him, you would come to see yourself rightly, and be put more right in the process.

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