When Preaching Slides

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“We can now easily understand why some preachers care too much for embellishment. They take a wrong view of their office, or at any rate are influenced by a wrong motive. They aim too much at entertaining, at gratifying the audience. They do not feel the seriousness of their work, the solemnity of their position. While perhaps really desiring to do good, they dwell too much on the necessity of pleasing the people in order to profit them” (Broadus, Preparation and Delivery, p. 384).

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Eric Stampher
Eric Stampher
9 years ago

And ain’t a critical part of the job interview for applicants that sermon show?

A Wheelr
9 years ago

And where the preaching has slid, there is a great avalanche pile of bleating sheep thinking that it was great fun and they can’t wait to do it again…except maybe they should form a committee and vote to get a better slide, maybe steeper.