Bright Orange Paint on the Deep Green Carpet

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We have been having a wonderful time here in the UK, seeing the sights and fellowshiping with the British saints. One of the points that has come up in various discussions is related to one of the more admirable traits of British evangelicalism — which is a great zeal and concern for evangelism, coupled with a zeal to guard that zeal for evangelism.

We had a wonderful time at Blenheim yesterday, with many believers gathered there from all over the UK. In the course of the talks, however, some of my postmillenialism spilled onto the floor and some people noticed it. This by itself is not remarkable. In our day, postmill optimism, especially in a nation under spiritual siege the way the UK is, stands out like bright orange paint on a deep green carpet. So one of the points that is perhaps being discussed is whether or not postmillenialism poses any kind of threat to a proper zeal for evangelism.

It actually seems to me that postmillennialism should provide an astounding impetus to evangelism. The earth is going to be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea? And that includes here? Well, let’s get to work then.

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