Another Difference Between the Two Adams

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When the soldier rammed his spear into the side of Jesus, blood and water came out (John 19:34). Though this is affected by the Johannine Comma, John appeared to think this highly significant, the Spirit, water, and blood being three witnesses on the earth (1 John 5:8). In any case, just as the first Adam descended into a death-like state, and his bride was fashioned from his side, so also, when the last Adam died, His bride was brought out of His side. John is insistent that this is an important point — he wrote it down so that we might believe (John 19:35).

But there is one distinction. The first Eve was created from a broken bone (Gen. 2:21). But immediately after we are told of the creation of the second Eve, we are told that not one bone of Christ’s was ever broken (John 19:36). His body was broken (1 Cor. 11:24), but not His bones.

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