Yelling At My Windshield, Part Nine

I am a good chunk of the way through Robert Godfrey’s talk on sola fide, and even drove around a little extra at lunch to hear more of it. Really fine talk, actually, and I am not saying this satirically at all, although there is some irony involved. If anyone wants to know what DW’s position on sola fide is, just check out what Robert Godfrey has to say. Me and Godfrey, just like this (holding up two intertwined fingers). Good exposition of Calvin’s exposition of Paul, and they all stated accurately what I believe on this subject (Paul, Calvin, and Godfrey). Let me add my own voice to this lovefest. “Me, too!”

The irony is that on this subject Godfrey and I are in complete harmony. Just like ham and eggs. But this means that something is seriously out of joint somewhere. Either he ought to be in serious trouble with the rest of his amigos down there, or I ought not to be. I wonder which it is.

Just for the record (again): We are justified by grace through faith, and we are justified by this grace from first to last, through the instrumentality of faith from first to last.

So where does the problem lie? Here is the report card:

Exegesis of Paul: A

Exegesis of Calvin: A

Exegesis of Luther: A

Exegesis of Federal Vision: D minus

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