True Trinitarian Demeanor

Book 1/Chapter 13

Difference Within the Godhead (section 18)

1. Why must we be cautious in discussing this subject?

2. What are the characteristics of each person within the Trinity?

3. What Scripture does Calvin use in defense of the filioque?

Relations Within the Godhead (section 19)

1. Is the Father the same person as the Son?

2. Does the distinct Father contain the Son?

3. Does the distinct Son contain the Father?

4. What is the scriptural basis for this?

5. Again, what must our attitude be?

The Triune God (section 20)

1. What does the name God signify, when there has been no particularization between the persons?

2. When there has been such particularization, what does the name God signify?

3. What does Calvin mean when he says that the “name of God admits no relation?”

4. Must the word Lord refer to the Mediator?

The Right Spirit (section 21)

1. Has the doctrine of the Trinity been historically troublesome?

2. What kind of spirit makes it so?

3. What demeanor is necessary in discussing the subject?

4. What earthly example of our lack of understanding should keep us humble?

5. Who is the only fit witness to the nature of God?

6. What does Calvin contrast with subtlety?

7. What are we to be ruled by objectively?

Servetus in the First Place (section 22)

1. What motive lies behind Trinitarian heresies?

2. For Calvin, what is the sine qua non of orthodoxy?

3. What did Servetus hold concerning the persons of the Trinity?

4. Did Servetus hold that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit were created?

5. What did he believe concerning the spirits of believers?

These questions are for the readings on Wednesday, February 4, 2009, and the readings can be found here.

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