Three Fold Humility

Book 2/Chapter 2

Refusing to rob God (section 10)

1. When a man is utterly cast down in himself, what has he gained?

2. What is the problem with a man retaining to himself some of the honor found in “free will”?

3. Who may receive God’s blessings?

True humility (section 11)

1. What did Augustine say were the three chief rules for eloquence?

2. In a similar vein, what does Calvin say are the three chief precepts of the Christian religion?

3. Instead of relying on human nature, which is “wounded, battered, troubled” and “lost,” what do we need?

4. In order for our war with God to be over, what must happen?

The fall described (section 12)

1. In the fall, what happened to our supernatural gifts like faith and righteousness?

2. What happened to our natural gifts, like soundness of mind and uprightness of heart?

3. Have we fallen to the level of the brute beasts?

These are the questions for the readings for Thursday, March 5, and those readings can be found here.

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