Their Rule Intact or Belly Full

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Prefatory Address to King Francis I of France

Circumstances in Which the Book Was First Written (1)

1. What was Calvin’s first intention in writing the first edition of the Institutes?

2. What made it necessary to expand the work so that it also became a defense to the king on behalf of the Protestants?

3. If a mere accusation is all that is necessary to convict someone of wrong-doing, then what is necessarily threatened with extinction?

4. What was the central slander directed against the Protestants?

5. If all the slanders were in fact true, what does Calvin allow to be just?

Prefatory Address to King Francis I of France

Plea for the Persecuted Evangelicals (2)

1. What is Calvin’s attitude toward France, his native land?

2. Since it was not the king’s idea, the persecution of the Protestants was the result of tyranny from what kind of individual?

3. What, according to Calvin, constitutes true kingship?

4. What were Calvin’s adversaries unable to bear the thought of?

5. The persecutors insisted on maintaining at least one of two things. What were they?

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