The Point of Affliction

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Book 3/Chapter 8

Bearing the cross (section 1)

1. If we have been adopted by the Lord, what should we be prepared for?

2. Was the Lord exempt from this in His life?

Leading us to trust (section 2)

1. Why does God subject us to this kind of thing?

Learning endurance (section 3)

1. What does the cross strike at?

2. Apart from trials given by God, could we learn these things?

The point of trials (section 4)

1. What is the testing function of trials?

Trials vary (section 5)

1. If different believers go through different kinds of trials, what does this mean?

Like a father (section 6)

1. Does God want to destroy us?

2. If we don’t receive this kind of chastisement, what does it mean?

These are the questions for the readings for Tuesday, June 16, and those readings can be found here.

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