The Lesser Magistrates

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Book 4/Chapter 20

The royal person (section 28)

1. Whom should we serve in the civil realm?

2. Why are there “many princes”?

3. What should we then do?

God will vindicate (section 29)

1. What do we not examine?

2. Are we to be subject to men who are evil in character?

3. When evil rule afflicts us, what are we to be mindful of in the first place?

Unwitting agents (section 30)

1. When God raises up deliverers for the people, what two categories do they fall in?

Lesser magistrates (section 31)

1. When Calvin requires this obedience, what group is he spreaking of?

2. What class of men have the duty to resist the tyranny of the king?

These are the questions for the readings for Wednesday, December 30, and those readings can be found here.

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