The Human Heart As a Slippery Place

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Book I/Chapter 6

Actual Knowledge (section 1)

1. What is the only source of actual knowledge of God?

2. Natural revelation is sufficient to produce only what?

3. What illustration does Calvin use to show what Scripture does?

4. Is knowledge of God as Creator sufficient for a man?

5. How can God be distinguished from the throng of feigned gods?

The Word of God (section 2)

1. How has God rendered faith unambiguous forever?

2. What is necessary before a man can get the slightest taste of right and sound doctrine?

Slippery Places (section 3)

1. What is the source of our tendency to fashion new and artificial religions?

2. When we get away from the path of the Word, what must we not do?

Additional Revelation (section 4)

1. What is the role of special revelation over against natural revelation?

These questions are for the readings on Saturday, January 17, 2009, day 17, and the readings can be found here.

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