Still More on the Trinity

Book 1/Chapter 13

Miracles (section 13)

1. What is Calvin’s argument from the miracles of Christ?

2. What does he say about the fact that prophets and apostles also did miracles?

3. Is this response satisfying?

4. Would Calvin be willing to say that Christ did miracles because He was miracle? Is this parallel to any of his other arguments?

The Deity of the Spirit Shown Through His Work (section 14)

1. Does Calvin argue the same way with regard to the deity of the Spirit?

2. To what does the universe owe its beauty?

3. Who is the active agent of God in all things?

4. Does the Holy Spirit regenerate through His own power?

5. What does the Spirit search, and what does this mean?

6. Who gives the faculty of speaking, according to Calvin?

7. How are the words God and Spirit used interchangeably?

Express Testimonies (section 15)

1. What is the significance of us being called the Temple of the Holy Spirit?

2. Who did Ananias lie to?

3. How do Paul and Isaiah agree in this matter?

4. What argument for the deity of the Holy Spirit does Calvin reject?

Oneness of the Trinity (section 16)

1. What is the argument for the Divine unity from Ephesians 4:5?

2. How the baptismal formula important?

3. Does Calvin believe it is appropriate to refer to the Trinity with a singular masculine pronoun?

Threeness in the Trinity (section 17)

1. What is Calvin’s term here for the Second Person of the Trinity?

2. What is the point made by Gregory of Nazianzus?

3. Why is it important to make distinctions within the Godhead, but not divisions?

4. Does Christ teach distinctions within the Godhead? Where?

These questions are for the readings on Tuesday, February 3, 2009, and the readings can be found here.

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