Sinews of the Commonwealth

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This set of questions is for Saturday, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is Christmas. Take a break from your Calvinism already.

Book 4/Chapter 20

Sinews of the commonwealth (section 14)

1. What does Calvin treat next, after his discussion of the magistrate?

2. What is the relationship between magistrate and law?

3. Does Calvin believe that the law of Moses must be administered in its entirety in order for the laws of a commonwealth to be just?

4. What common division of the law of Moses does Calvin follow?

5. What trifling objection does Calvin dismiss?

Moral law (section 15)

1. What is the center of the moral law that is obligatory for all nations and all times?

2. What was the ceremonial law?

3. What was the judicial law?

4. What is every nation free to do?

5. What ought not even be called laws?

Unity and diversity (section 16)

1. What must be the same for all?

2. What is the moral law?

3. What is one of the places where the various laws of commonwealths differ among themselves?

4. Why is Calvin fine with this?

Christians in court (section 17)

1. How does Calvin answer those who believe Christians may not use civil courts?

2. What kind of person must not do so?

3. If a Christian is in court with a brother, what must he not allow himself to be like?

4. What kind of civil courts is Calvin assuming here? Pagan or Christian?

These are the questions for the readings for Saturday, December 26, and those readings can be found here.

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