Obey the Magistrates

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Book 4/Chapter 20

Motives in litigation (section 18)

1. When are lawsuits permissible?

2. What must the righteous litigant be without?

3. How should he treat his adversary?

Legal wrangles (section 19)

1. Who is Calvin arguing against?

2. What kind of court system is Calvin assuming here?

3. What should the aim of the godly litigant be?

Public interest (section 20)

1. What does the righteous litigant maintain?

2. What is he trying to increase, and what not?

Paul’s concern (section 21


1. What were Paul’s two concerns in Corinthians?

Obeying the unjust (section 22)

1. To whom does Calvin say that honor is owed?

Scriptural obedience (section 23)

1. What passages does Calvin cite in saying that Christians are to be obedient to the rulers?

2. Do what extent may believers be involved in politics?

These are the questions for the readings for Monday, December 27, and those readings can be found here.

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